About Us

Shanghai Guang hua is a financial services company, "integrity, specification, quality and efficiency" of professional institutions. And with a number of banks and trusts, funds, securities, equities, asset management, accounting firms, law firms and other established long-term friendly cooperative relations. Shanghai personal housing Provident Fund loan, and Shanghai personal housing mortgage loan, and Shanghai personal housing mortgage loan, and Shanghai personal housing loan, and Shanghai personal property mortgage loan, and Shanghai personal housing mortgage consumption loan, and Shanghai personal housing mortgage loan, and Shanghai personal mortgage loan, and Shanghai private borrowing company, and Shanghai private loan, and Shanghai private loan company main business for: personal credit loan, and personal consumption loan, and personal property mortgage loan, and personal car mortgage loan, and enterprise credit loan, and enterprise business sex loan, and Private loans, equity investments, transfer of credit, limited partnership. And to provide: design, analysis, advisory services, risk management and related formalities.

company to financial expertise and excellent financial channels as the basis, have the most comprehensive financial information covers the entire financial market various types of investment products, providing financial data to support risk control for the customer.

brings together dozens of companies from the banking, securities, insurance, legal and other areas of professional and technical personnel, and reserves a great deal of human resources in different industries. Through continuous research and development, has become the industry's leading companies. Company has a number of high quality, professional, professional skills teams. From the customers ' point of view, understand their financial needs, to provide customers with a broad view, help customers choose the best financial products, tracking management on a regular basis, timely communication with customers the latest product returns and risk, ensuring that the customer's investment asset or project stability, security and growth.