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Wang and his wife have been married for as long as three years, 3 years, and together they fight and work hard. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, they passed a mortgage to buy a set of commercial housing. In the room that day, their feelings are mixed, although they have their own houses, but as their savings running out, decorate the House is inadequate, therefore, can only see a blank room and can't move.

later, Wang can listen to friends, learned that Kwong Wa finance credit loans – "new loan". After much consultation, he knew that "new loan" does not need a mortgage, don't need guarantees and maximum 3 years loan, monthly easy servicing, just right for them. So he requested by the financial planning manager of Kwong Wah, and prepared related information, 3 days on lending. Wang solves the problem of the decoration, not long after, he and his wife live in his home.


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some time ago, with a high degree of Liu Xin's salary soared from 3200 Yuan/ Months went up to 6000 Yuan per month. For Liu, it's a big event. The person meets happy event spirit, the money would have to consume. Wages rose, Liu first thought is to buy a digital camera, and then travel to Beijing with his girlfriend. Under Liu, this plan down to 30,000 yuan to say less.

for Liu and this for how much money does a bit powerless. At this point, Liu got loans. By chance, Liu learned that the Shanghai Guang Hua finance personal loan wage, Guang Hua finance, so he submitted online loan application form on your site, it wasn't long before he received a loan pre-approval through information from Guanghua. Since Liu wage is higher now, wage levels consistent with the line of credit, and college credit good credit records, after the evaluation by, Kwong Wah financing loan applications transferred to accept it directly. On Liu Xin's personal identity, labor contracts there for nearly three months, electricity and gas charges were investigated, Liu also helped opened the letter of guarantee. Fourth day after approval, contact Liu, signed the loan contract, loan 28500.

this gift for Liu's girlfriend excited to say, lines of happy tears are full of face. Beijing tour, recorded two happy little drops, the sweet happiness, Liu finally plucked up the courage to propose to the girl you love.

wages a personal loan, while a little achievements of Liu and the happy marriage of girlfriend.