Broker two melt channels tighten financing or to the P2P platform

January 16, regulatory layer on brokerage two thaw business "violations" action official made punishment decided, which three big brokerage leading--CITIC Securities, and sea pass securities, and guotai Junan securities, by suspended new open financing thaw coupons customer credit account 3 months of administrative regulatory measures, and remaining has 9 home brokerage is for to not meet conditions of customer financing thaw coupons, and violations extended contracts extension, and Illegal for customers with customer facilitation issues such as financing activities was ordered by SFC to take corrective action, increasing the frequency of compliance inspection or issue a warning in different degrees of regulation.

worth noting is that while regulators clear two brokerage financial threshold must be strictly business more than 500,000 yuan, however, since some securities measures to implement "time difference", there are some sales were "surprise opening" phenomenon. Having received no notification, two financial punishment after the Business Department of a large brokerage in the Mainland, also for the flood of new clients for two into account credit and completely without any funding threshold, some customers can be opened online by mobile margin accounts. According to the business unit personnel, with threshold adjustment notification has not communicated in a timely manner to the Division, still under the original approach handled two financial businesses.

Jiangsu, according to a securities Sales Department staff reflect on January 17 of overtime for the customer opened two into account. "Business investment managers on Friday a ticket out of the mass information notification, if you still want to open two financial business customers, can come on the weekend and 100,000 yuan of capital threshold is the same. "However, above such" surprise opening "approach were confirmed to have been banned, all business Department two into new customers once again back to the threshold of more than 500,000 yuan, the short-term adjustment does not occur.

civil service company it pours "recruit", financing or to the P2P platform.

just two thawing brokerage business fined amid civil service agency was eagerly preparing intentions much layout stock distribution owned business, compete for those present difficult to broker two melt channel access to capital financing customers. Issued January 16 tickets the same day, Shenzhen financial leasing company overnight post recruitment shares with funding in China, from the Chinese capital, operations to product compliance and network promotion, involving a full set of matching funding industry chain as many as more than 10 jobs. Micro letter released in its recruiting propaganda in the article, the company is optimistic the future civil service funding prospects, encouraging acquaintances to recommend even familiar with Chinese professional talent, and shout out "successfully recommended give iPhone6" slogan.

"limited brokerage two financial operations, raise the threshold, actually good civil service companies, through the financing channels of small asset size of clients through other funding providers to enter the market, this transfer customers to a great extent will be the civil service agency of the active population. "One person familiar with stock equipped with Chinese business, due to the large scale of financing after some substandard customer will guide to the service companies by the securities firm, and recommended customer sales will have the corresponding Commission, now the conversion of customers probably will increase significantly.

number of stocks owned business of distribution companies began to pay attention to the P2P platform two brokerage financial business punishment. Industry insiders said, as market expectations have not substantially changed, coupled with financing channels are limited, the a-share market value is still higher than that of other investment products, funds will continue to flow into the stock market, which also led to Chinese demand. Brokerages tightening of leveraged finance channel, will to a certain extent for investors to look for other sources of funding additional capital, "compared to traditional civil service agency below the line 20% to 30% of the cost of financing is concerned, the Internet platform of the financing costs could be controlled at around 10%, and low investment threshold, which may attract a small amount of assets of clients selected Web service. "

experts said, due to most tendencies brokerage two thaw channel of customer assets capacity larger, this batch customer will whether transfer to civil distribution funding of funds channel, still depends on distribution funding company itself equipped with of personnel and supporting service whether meet big customer requirements," many securities company of big customer often requirements has professional of voted Gu service, and requirements has clear of risk tips, While large capital trader also test platform system of server capacity, this also means that subsequent civil platform may be in the service and technology to increase funding and personnel input. "

, however, in the view of the industry, and rigid financing needs of investors from securities firms to civil service agency, despite short term boon private stock distribution markets, but platform's own risk but easily overlooked, leading to possible brewing more risk. Legal analysts familiar with distribution owned business, with civil capital leverage ratio is high, if the volatility in the market, financing is prone to "blowing up" phenomenon. While participation distribution funding of stock funds needed meeting into distribution funding company actual control people or associated people of stock account, if losses was forced flat warehouse easy caused legal disputes, "civil distribution funding industry has been lack related legal of constraints, was think in regulatory of grey zone, industry at any time exists policy adjustment of risk, once policy regulatory strictly, participation distribution funding business of investors also will will by obviously effect. "

another has P2P institutions industry people analysis, despite stock distribution funding business profit prospects huge, this times brokerage punishment event also in must degree Shang to industry brings development opportunities, but General,, P2P platform distribution funding business also and brokerage, and Bank, and trust channel related joint, if other funds provides party channel by limited, for P2P platform distribution funding business long-term development is not good," P2P industry itself is not included in the scope of regulation, industry development direction for the time being it is difficult to predict if market selection, increasing the matching funding from a P2P platform entered into the stock funds, monitoring of funding difficulties will also increase its requirements more difficult to control the risk, which may account for the regulators to recommend control measures, of which there is a clear policy uncertainties. ”