First Internet bank micro-banks trial

according to micro-banks had foreign claims, which was launched on January 18 trial, trial period, micro-filter Bank through internal analysis and information, small inviting target customer groups to participate in the trial, and gradually increase the number of invited clients.

micro-banks said, during a test run, invite targeted customers are mainly from Tencent's social networking platform.

known to have test operation of micro banks was not for all customers, its website has not disclosed additional information.

in accordance with previous messages, micro-banking business is "a minor credits" will be targeted to inclusive financial targeting groups such as workers, freelancers, and migrant workers, and in line with national policy oriented small and micro enterprise customers.

January 4, witnessed by Chinese Premier Li keqiang, micro-Bank issued 35,000 yuan in loans to a truck driver.

previously, sources said, micro-banks will be opened in April this year. However, micro-banks said, this is not the final time.

as required by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, measures for the implementation of administrative licensing matters concerning Chinese commercial banks, the banks corporate institution shall, from the date of registration within 6 months of opening. State-owned commercial banks, the share is not opened as scheduled, should be opened before the expiration of 1 month opening delayed report to the CBRC. Opening an extension of no more than once, opening an extension for a maximum period of 3 months.

July 24, 2014, the micro-banks approved to build on December 12, 2014, the Bank obtained approval and opening financial license on December 16, 2014 completed business registration license. According to this calculation, micro-banks if not officially opened June 16, 2015, you will need to apply for an extension.

as a "no outlet, no sales counter, rely on the Internet to provide customer service" bank micro-banks how to do business is the focus of public attention.

big data levy letter business undoubtedly is recently is concern of topic, Tencent its of Tencent levy letter also has allowed carried out personal levy letter business prepared work, according to Tencent levy letter people of claims, Tencent levy letter business will main using its huge of user groups and the big data advantage, using social network Shang of mass information, as online, and consumption, and social, situation, for user established based on Internet information of levy letter report.

Prime Minister Li keqiang previously witnessed by the banks first loan business, "unsecured, unsecured, through face recognition technology and data credit ratings issued. "

micro banks via webcam with face recognition systems, the traditional banking business offline outlets seeing the interview questions.