Net lending industry development last year in Shanghai

end of December 2014, platform of normal operations in Shanghai reached 117, 7.42% of net loan industry as a whole only. These platforms are located in the Pudong new area, Huangpu district, today up to 52.99% per cent, followed by Minhang district, Yangpu district, Jing an district. In addition, Jiading, Songjiang, Chongming, Fengxian, Qingpu, in remote areas, some online lending platform. Shanghai new online platform up to more than more than 80 so far this year, with an average registered capital of 32.79 million Yuan, higher than the industry average (27.84 million yuan).

according to incomplete statistics, Shanghai history today issues platform, 32. In 2014, of which platform has 25, most for 2014 the new online platform, average operating time was 3.48 months. The end of the net tight industry turmoil on Shanghai online lending platform has little impact. Distribution problem in the platform event type, different from the net loan industry as a whole. These platform so much in Shanghai in 2014 for fraud or run was exposed, the proportion is as high as 85%; poor operation of issue platforms (closure and withdrawal difficulties) only 5. Shanghai NET loan fraud risks major risks facing the industry.

2014 Shanghai annual net lending volume of 30.02 billion yuan, accounted for 11.88% of the average compound growth rate of 11.85%, more growth in trading volume in the second half. Lu Jin, treasure, Guo Cheng financial, you my loan, business loan volume for the year among the top five, a total volume of 21.973 billion yuan, accounting for 73.19% of the city. Lu Jin rely on ping an group financial background in 2014, net loans volume exceeded 10 billion yuan, far ahead of the city's other platforms. In addition, Ali its treasure since its launched in April 2014, its loan volume has exceeded 5 billion yuan. While most platforms in Shanghai's annual turnover less than 50 million, and the proportion is as high as 58%, the Platform scale polarization difference is more obvious.

average loan period of Shanghai ranked top, with platform trading volume continues to increase, loan balances rose rapidly. By the end of December 2014, net loans outstanding loans reached 18.96 billion yuan in Shanghai, was 3.46 times earlier this year, accounting for 18.31% of the total loan balance, after Beijing and Guangdong.

net loan balance among the top three platforms namely Lu Jin, treasure, your loan total loans balance of city 75%,69% network platform loan balance is less than 50 million, gap between the platforms, platform has part gradually formed oligopoly power.

2014 Shanghai net credit industry average composite yield 13.52% (according to the volume-weighted), below the industry average (17.86%) 4.34%. Shanghai net consolidated income loan rate fell to 11.83% from 18.89% in the year, starting in September consolidated income rate of spin is obvious. Platforms affected by the industry cuts on the one hand the initiative to cut interest rates, Lu Jin on the other hand, your loan volume, treasure and other cheap platform continues to expand the scale, lowering Shanghai network industry overall yield level.

compared Shanghai consolidated income rate found on the platform as a whole, Shanghai online lending platform platform for combined proceeds rates between 15%-20% number, up to 32% per cent; the other comprehensive income rate of 20%-30% and 12-15% between platform number accounted for respectively 26% and 25%, slightly behind. Throughout the year 2014, comprehensive income is a treasure with the lowest rates, comprehensive income is 5.4%.

2014 Shanghai NET loans average loan period of 18.02 (volume weight), ranked first, is the average term of loan (6.12) 2.94 times. Shanghai net lending borrowing term movement unlikely NET loan loan period began to pick up since the May August average loan term maximum points for the whole year, about 20.12 months, after which the city net lending industry borrowing the term gradually stabilized.

contrasting platforms loan period, 40% platform, borrowing the term from 3 months of age, but this part of the platform of the volumes are generally low, to Shanghai as a whole loan period had little impact. And 12 months and above the platform, although few in number, but greater weight in volume, Shanghai NET loans average loan period significantly. Among them, Lu Jin, you my loan, Nono pounds off the average loan period of more than 20 months, respectively, 28.1 and 24.6 months 33.2 months, among the top three.