P2P networks match the credit institutions to share credit information system

according to Central Bank credit Center Party Secretary Wang introduced, P2P network of credit institutions to access credit system demand is very strong.

with the development of Internet banking, credit institutions have nearly 1600 P2P network in China. Some borrowers use the loan information is not shared among the institutions, in a number of online lending platform malicious arrears and lead to an increased risk. Thus there is a growing number of P2P network credit wants to access credit information systems to reduce the risk.

from bank credit Center was informed that as from February 4, 2015, in order to help loan company credit information sharing, P2P network to guard against credit risk, credit Center, through its Shanghai credit limited networking financial credit system.

it is learnt that since the credit information center by Shanghai owned company built networks since the financial credit system, credit institutions total access networks 370, 524,000 people included customers, the current daily average query volume has almost 5000 cases.

must remind the borrower repayments on time, or after one of the P2P networks-credit institutions if there is a breach, then at another online lending platform for a loan can be difficult.

due to the Central Bank to take the lead to promote healthy development of Internet financial guidance has not yet formally issued, credit institutions supervision of the P2P network policy is not clear at present, P2P network credit institutions temporarily unable to access financial network like a Bank, which is commonly referred to as the bank credit system. But P2P networks-credit institutions the financial credit system over the network share credit information with each other.