Shanghai 95 percent home loan rates become mainstream

Shanghai 95 percent home loan rates become mainstream, from the Shanghai market, provide 95 percent benchmark interest rate mortgage banks nearly half. Not only that, there are 3 banks in Shanghai offers below 90 percent mortgage rates.

March mortgage market downward trend in interest rates. Among them, there are 21 banks in Shanghai to provide preferential rates for the month, up to 84% per cent, the number topped in the first-tier cities. 95 percent benchmark interest rate has become Shanghai's first suite of mainstream interest.

February 28 central banks announced rate cuts on the property market means big positive, monthly mortgage burdens, but also after the rate cut, which could prompt banks to tighten lending rate policy concerns. However, the media survey of 35 major cities nationwide to 527 banks, the vast majority of mortgage before banks to keep interest rates unchanged policies, interest rates there are 80, only 24 to raise interest rates.

under the influence of interest rate cuts in March, first with an average interest rate of 5.76%, a 6.04% fell sharply in February. 6.04% equivalent to 982 percent benchmark interest rate before the rate cut, while 5.76% is the equivalent of 976 percent benchmark interest rate after the rate cut. Interest rate discounts only in March, preferential mortgage rates than in February reinforced. Overall, mortgage markets continued easing trend.

data show that in 527 banks in March a total of 215 banks offer interest rates, 71 banks in first-tier cities to provide preferential rates. Moreover, additional requirements in the prime rate reduction.