Product classification

Free credits

Free credits

application conditions:

class a: applicant's name in the real estate company for public Assembly, now operating for less than a year, the largest sum of 200,000.
B type: applicant's name in the property or to the public water company, now operating for less than a year, the largest sum of 150,000.
C class: the applicant's name into the ground no property and no public water company, now operating for less than a year, the largest sum of 100,000.

application materials:

a, b, and c are required to provide materials (required):
business class,
⑴ licenses, including copy of business license of enterprise legal persons, individual business license.
b stock materials that last 1 capital verification report of the company or the company statutes or official seal stamp issued by the trade and Industry Bureau Commerce and industry within the 30th of a stock certificate, note: the individual or business online has been equity share of require.
c management place certificate, stamped a rental and lease lease/own business premises of the two parties may provide their own or spouse name on the title deed in lieu (property in the name of spouse, marriage certificate or account should be provided).
b the site of the last month payment (water, gas, property and so on) document.
A class (required),
⑴ for public bank water: business entities in local public accounts opened in last 6 months Bank water (printed within the last 15 days),
b applicant's name in the local real estate information (information required that same mortgage customers).
B class (must provides b, or ⑴ + c)
⑴ personal bank water: personal common bank account recently 6 months of Bank water (print date in recently 15 days within),
b on public bank water: business subject in into pieces local open state of on public account near 6 months Bank water (print time in recently 15 days within),
c applicants I name in into pieces local of property information (property information requirements with with mortgage customer).
C class (required),
individual banks running water: personal bank account last 6 months Bank water (print date within the last 15 days).
selected materials: recent booking and delivery agreements, contracts, bills, company or personal name in real estate, vehicles and other property, and education.